AI-Powered Safety

Early Drowning Detection System

A preventable incident should impact no life!

World Health Organization (WHO).


Estimated annual drowning deaths occur worldwide (WHO).

Sensowarn Early Drowning Detection System

The best AI-Powered solutions to save humans’ life.

Monitor and Scan: 
Always monitor the swimmer's activity and behavior.

Always monitor the swimmer’s activity and behaviour.

Notification: Automatically detects a potential drowning.

Able to detect a potential drowning automatically before a serious drowning incident.

Alarm and locate: Alerts within 5 seconds and indicates the position of the swimmer.

Alerts immediately and indicates the position of the swimmer in difficulty.


Deploy the most effective and efficient Early Drowning Detection system, powered by AI and IoT.

Safer Swimming

A Sensowarn customer or not, always use layers of protection to prevent drowning, including:

  • Locks & alarms on all doors and gates leading to the water.
  • A fence around your pool or where it prevents access to any nearby body of water.
  • Always have an assigned “water watcher” responsible for overseeing people near the water
  • Never allow anyone to swim alone regardless of age or ability.
  • Never rely solely on one layer of protection.
  • Use technology to help minimize human errors.

Learn more by visiting the National Drowning Prevention Alliance.

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